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You type You get When
*{{Comment}} My Comment. -- ~~~~ *Pictogram voting comment.svg Comment My comment. -- Example You have a comment.
*{{Info}} My information. -- ~~~~ *Pictogram voting info.svg Info My information. -- Example You have information.
*{{Neutral}} Reason for neutral vote. -- ~~~~ *Symbol neutral vote.svg Neutral Reason for neutral vote. -- Example You are uncertain or wish to record a neutral vote.
*{{Oppose}} Reason for opposing vote. -- ~~~~ *Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose Reason for opposing vote. -- Example You think that the candidate fails one or more of the six mandatory criteria.
*{{Question}} My question. -- ~~~~ *Pictogram voting question.svg Question My question. -- Example You have a question.
*{{Support}} Reason for supporting. -- ~~~~ *Symbol support vote.svg Support Reason for supporting. -- Example You think that the candidate meets all of the six mandatory criteria.


This template is for using on voting pages like {{VIC}} and {{VISC}}.