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An image cannot be nominated with several different scopes in the same nomination. If you want to nominate an image within several scopes, create one nomination for each scope (using different subpage names, such as /Ascope-foo.jpg).
  • Edit the text after orientation= so that it matches the orientation of the image. If the image is a landscape image (default) the line can be deleted.
  • If the image name you want to nominate differs from the subpage name, edit the image parameter, e.g., image=My-image-filename.jpg. Keep in mind: Image:. This step is needed when, e.g., an image has been nominated before as a VIC (perhaps in a different scope) to avoid subpage name conflicts, or, if you pasted in the wrong file name when creating this page. Later, this parameter can also be edited, if a nominated image is replaced by an improved edit with a different image file name, e.g., image =My-image-filename-edit.jpg.
  • (Optional). Add links to any relevant Wikimedia project context pages after usedin=. This makes it easier for the reviewers to assess the image.
  • Click save. You have now created the nomination page for voting and comments.
  • DO NOT EDIT ANY OTHER FIELDS! If you are unfamiliar with templates and more esoteric signatures and time stamps the page may look very incomprehensible. Do not worry about this. Once the image is saved, meaningful values are automatically substituted into the relevant parameters (thus saving you a lot of work) and the candidate page will appear much more readable if you click edit after the initial save.

To complete the nomination:

  • Copy the following customized text:

See the documentation for the templates used here for further details: