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Fields you should edit[edit]

description= (optional) Any additional description of the set.
ingallery=The images to be included, in gallery format, but without the enclosing gallery tags and with the image/caption pipe (|) character replaced by the pipe template {{!}}. You may include as many images as you like. A sample gallery is set up for you already.
scope= Enter the scope here. Please read Commons:Valued image scope.

Other fields you should leave as they are[edit]

title=The title of the set. You have already entered this when you created the set page. This field is automatically expanded to the set name when saved.
date={{subst:VI-time}}. This field automatically expands to the current date and time when saving.
nominator=~~~. This field automatically expanded to a link to your user page when saved.


This template is used as the edit intro when creating a new Valued image Set candidate subpage. The purpose of the template is to assist the user in entering relevant and correct information in the nomination.

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