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 Vernacular names
No common name has yet been provided in this template and no wikidata item is associated with it
- getVN(): useWikidata not set and sciname not set => using useWikidata=isVnCalledOnlyOnce()=true
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This documentation is transcluded from Template:VN/sandbox/doc.

Use this template on a taxon category or gallery to provide all the taxon's Common names or vernacular names in all languages
This template is used to test changes in {{VN}}.You can then test your edits in {{VN/testcases}}.
When the new version is ready, you can move it to the main template.
Note: {{VN}} uses Module:Wikidata4Bio and {{VN/sandbox}} uses Module:Wikidata4Bio/sandbox
The result of:
  |af=Afrikaans name
  |de=Deutscher Name (German name)
  |fr=Nom français (French name)
  |la=antic Latin name (Please, not the scientific name: the Latin name for wolf is ''lupus'' not ''Canis lupus''))


  • Afrikaans: Afrikaans name
  • Deutsch: Deutscher Name (German name)
  • français: Nom français (French name)
  • Latina: antic Latin name
(Note: no wikidata item is associated with this template)

{{VN}} can retrieve vernacular names from wikidata. (From wikidata's interwikis and wikidata's labels when they are different from the scientific name(s). The scientific name(s) are retrieved from wikicommons pagename plus wikidata property P225) Use:
  • useWikidata=1 to activate the functionnality. The item associated with current category/gallery will be used (Warning: This can be problematic when there are multiple VN in the same category).
  • useWikidata=0 to disable it.
  • when useWikidata is not provided:
    • If sciname= is provided, VN will use wikidata only if sciname == category/article name (Very useful in Rhipiduridae where multiple VN are displayed by inclusion of Rhipidura)
    • if sciname is not provided, VN will check if multiple VN are used in the category/gallery (Like here) in which case wikidata is not used. In that case you can set |useWikidata=1 on the first VN corresponding to the gallery/category and |useWikidata=0 on the following VN (Very usefull in Megapodiidae which has multiple VN directly in its wiki code)
Please add translations to Template:VN/title (+/−). All you have to translate is "Vernacular names".
Comparison with {{translation table}}
VN is not redundant nor always interchangeable with {{translation table}}. These serve different purposes. "Vernacular names" does not mean the same as "Translations". {{VN}} should only be used for things that have universal scientific names (e.g. taxa). {{translation table}} is for translations of the language-specific names we use here. {{translation table}} may be used in place of {{VN}}, but not vice-versa.
This template (actually, the VN/ subtemplate) emits a species microformat.
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