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1en This user has over 1 edits on English Wikipedia.
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This documentation is transcluded from Template:W edits/doc.

The {{W edits}} template is a userbox that shows that the user has over a certain number of edits on Wikipedia. It takes four parameters, number of edits (please round down to the nearest 100 to avoid editcountitis), username on Wikipedia (default username on Commons), language version of Wikipedia (default en), and name of Wikipedia (default English Wikipedia). It should not be substed.


{{W edits|''number of edits''|''username on Wikipedia''|''language version of Wikipedia''|''name of Wikipedia''}}


Code Result
{{W edits|1,000}}
{{W edits|1,000|Example}}
{{W edits|1,000|Example|en|English Wikipedia}}
{{W edits|1,000|Example|es|Spanish Wikipedia}}
{{W edits|1,000|Example|simple|Simple English Wikipedia}}

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