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Walters Art Museum Link back to Institution infobox template wikidata:Q210081
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Native name Walters Art Museum
Location Baltimore, United States of America
Coordinates 39° 17′ 46″ N, 76° 36′ 55″ W Link to OpenStreetMap  Link to Google Maps
Website thewalters.org
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Accession number XXXXXXXX
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Source Walters Art Museum: Nuvola filesystems folder home.svg Home page Information icon.svg Info about artwork
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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Walters Art Museum artwork/doc.

{{Walters Art Museum artwork}} template is a specialization of {{Artwork}} template used for the description of images of artworks from Walters Art Museum and uploaded as a part of


{{Walters Art Museum artwork
 |artist =
 |title =
 |description =
 |date =
 |medium =
 |dimensions =
 |location =
 |references =
 |provenance =
 |exhibition history =
 |credit line =
 |inscriptions =
 |place of origin =
 |place of discovery =
 |place depicted =
 |notes =
 |accession number =
 |id =
 |permission =
 |other_versions =

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
artist Artist who created the original artwork. Use {{Creator:Name Surname}} with {{Creator}} template whenever possible. blank field presented as: "Author". optional
title Title of the artwork. Skip and use description field if artwork has no title. Use Language templates when translating and boldface the original-language title, for example:
  • {{en|''The Title of the Picture''.}}

Many frequently used titles have Multilingual tags are available, like {{Self-portrait}}.

  • {{en|Untitled, known as ''A Common Title'' or ''Another Known Title''.}}
empty optional
description Description of the content of the artwork (using multilingual templates like {{en}}). Often unnecessary in case of paintings when title is used. {{Depicted person}} template could be used to list depicted people. empty optional
date Date of creation of the original artwork by one of the following ways:
  • for simple dates use ISO 8601 format, e.g. "1234" or "2006-01-15" for "15 January 2006". The following formats are recognized:
  • YYYY
empty optional
medium (Alternative name: technique)
Medium (technique and materials) used to create artwork. Use, when possible:
empty optional
dimensions Dimensions of the artwork: 1D (length), 2D (width × height) or 3D (width × height × depth). Please use {{Size}} formatting template, such as:
  • {{Size|unit=cm|width=76.7|height=83.5}} <— gives Height: 83.5 cm (32.9 in). Width: 76.7 cm (30.2 in).
  • or {{Size|in|30.2|32.87}} <— gives 30.2 × 32.87 in (76.7 × 83.5 cm), if sizes are given in inches
  • Avoid using Language templates
empty optional
location Location within the museum empty optional
references Books and websites with information about the artwork. Please use {{Cite book}} and {{Cite web}} templates. empty optional
provenance Provenance (history of artwork ownership). Use {{ProvenanceEvent}}, {{Discovered}} and other similar templates. empty optional
exhibition history exhibition history empty optional
credit line Many artworks are gifts to the museums which are obligated to show such credit, like for example: Gift of the Friends of the Louvre Society, 1961. Not to be confused with credit line attributing the photographer required by CC licenses empty optional
inscriptions Description of: inscriptions, watermarks, captions, coats of arm, etc. Use {{inscription}} empty optional
place of origin Where the artwork originates from empty optional
place of discovery Where the artwork was originally discovered empty optional
place depicted If an artwork depicts a particular location, the location should be listed here empty optional
notes Additional information about the artwork and its history. empty optional
accession number Museum's accession number or some other inventory or identification number. Provide also link to museum database if available. empty optional
id id used by the link to the website (also the Walters Museums' internal database ID for the artwork) empty optional
permission license information. Common license tag(s), include:
  • {{PD-art|PD-old-100}} <— file found on the web; artist died 100+ years ago
  • Artwork: {{PD-old-100}} Photo: {{PD-self}} <— file self-made; artist died 100+ years ago
blank field presented as: "See below." optional
other_versions Links to files with very similar content or derivative files; use thumbnails or <gallery></gallery>. empty optional
author In some cases author is a better option than artist. In other cases like for example manuscripts, work can have author, artist and scribe. empty optional
scribe In some cases scribe is a better option than artist. In other cases like for example manuscripts, work can have author, artist and scribe. empty optional
publisher In some cases publisher is a better option than artist, for example Japanese prints would have artist and publisher instead of 2 artists. empty optional
manufacturer Manufacturer empty optional

Additional information

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Placement: At the top of the page

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This template is localized by utilizing MediaWiki namespace messages. These can be translated at translatewiki.net (current translations).


{{Walters Art Museum artwork
 |artist = 
 |title = 
 |description =
 |date = 
 |medium  =
 |dimensions = 
 |location = 
 |accession number = 
 |id = 
 |provenance =
 |credit = 
 |inscriptions = 
 |exhibition = 
 |conservation =
 |place of origin =
 |references =
 |permission =
 |other versions =