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"site" missing. user: id="id" missing., name="name" missing.

Generic template for individual user category on generic website.

Note: Before using this template on a specific site, make sure two site-specific custom templates are prepared. For details, please see the customization section below.

Usage: {{Website user category

 |  1  or  site= website
 |  2  or  id = user id
 |  3  or  name= user nickname
 |  4  or  key = sort key
  <!-- optional
 |  5  or  real name  or  real = real name
 |  6  or  location  or  from = recent living location
 |  usersite = link or url
 |  cat = custom category
Format for copy & paste
 {{Website user category|site=|id=|name=|key=|real=|from=|usersite=|cat=}}

Customization for a specific site[edit]

Before using this template on a specific site (for example, "WEBSITE" as a nickname), you should prepare two site-specific custom templates:

  1. Template:Website user category/WEBSITE/user
    It should provides the description line(s) on top of each user category.
    For example, a template for Pixabay: {{Website user category/Pixabay/user|id=1306241|name=kpr2}} results:
    user: kpr2 (latest  · popular)
  2. Template:Website user category/WEBSITE/category for users
    It should provides the parent category definition in which each user category is placed.
    For example, a template for Pixabay: {{Website user category/Pixabay/category for users|site=Pixabay|key=|name=kpr2}} results:

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