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Contact details
Example work
[[image:{{{Work before}}}|200px]] [[image:{{{Work after}}}|200px]]

See more of {{{Name}}}'s work at their [[{{{Gallery}}}|gallery]]


{{Wikimedia restorer
|Name = the name you wish to be known by (use your real name, if you are comfortable doing so)
|Background = Paragraph about yourself, your username, your experience. 
              what is your speciality?
              why do you contribute to Wikimedia Commons?
              if you have a website, link it here too (or in Contact)
              details of any software you use for restoring images
|Contact = *[mailto:foobar@foo.com Email]
* [[user talk:FooBar|Write a message on my wiki talk page]] 
|Portrait = WikiMeet London - Jimbo talks.jpg [name of a photo of you - this is optional]
|Work before= Foo.jpg [your favourite or most impressive image, before restoration]
|Work after= Foo.jpg [your favourite or most impressive image, after restoration] 
|Caption = A rare moment in the life of a Commons admin. [caption to previous image]
|Gallery = User:FoorBar/gallery [wiki page of your work - if a category, prefix with a : ]
|his_or_her= his  [(or her). Defaults to "their", the nearest thing English has to a gender-neutral singular]

'''To skip the before-and-after display (which may not be appropriate at thumbnail size) use {{tl|Wikimedia illustrator}} instead.'''