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{{YEAR|string formatted as a valid date}}

  • {{YEAR|1999}} gives: 1999
  • {{YEAR|1999-12-12}} gives: 1999
  • {{YEAR|January 1999}} gives: 1999
  • {{YEAR|1 January 1999}} gives: 1999
  • {{YEAR|January 1, 1999}} gives: 1999
  • {{YEAR|1-2-1990}} gives: 1990
  • {{YEAR|1/2/1990}} gives: 1990
  • {{YEAR|2239-10-23}} gives: 2239

Reports "Error" if given bad input:

  • {{YEAR|1-14-1990}} gives: Error
         Reason for the error: there are not 14 months.
  • {{YEAR|61 January 1999}} gives: Error
         Reason for the error: no month has 61 days.
  • {{YEAR|1 MyMonth 1999}} gives: Error
         Reason for the error: there is no such month name.
  • {{YEAR|some text which is not a date}} gives: Error
         Reason for the error: no date information to parse.
  • {{YEAR|on approximately 1999-12-12}} gives: Error
         Reason for the error: includes extraneous content.

If used with a year range, it returns only the first match:

  • {{YEAR|1999-2001}} gives: 1999

This presently only works when the year range is specified with a hyphen; if correctly given with an en dash, it reports an error (this will probably not be fixed, because handling ranges is not the template's function; that it kinda-sorta works on something like 1999-2001 with a hyphen is basically just an accident):

  • {{YEAR|1999–2001}} gives: Error

If used without input, it simply outputs the current year:

  • {{YEAR}} gives: 2024

It can be cleanly substituted for this purpose. If fed invalid data when substituted, it produces a larger, red error.

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