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Crown Copyright is no longer allowed on Commons

Check the web site before you use images. Not all UK government web sites are as liberal. Secretlondon 20:45, 10 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Also note that not everything on a UK government web site is actually under Crown copyright and that the Royal Arms, departmental and agency logos are not covered under the typical terms of use for a website. They cannot be used without specific permission.

List of UK government departments we can use[edit]

List of UK government departments we can't use[edit]

Unclear as to exact status, so can't use until clear[edit]

  • Courts' Services Inspectorate - legal notice is "(replace this text with the appropriate content)"!
  • Ministry of Defence. [1] - what does this mean? Previously...
    • British Army, no copyright information immediately visible, but Royal Artillery portion of the site has a compatible copyright notice
    • Royal Navy has copyright notice with all rights reserved, but it not clear exactly what that means in the context of Guidance Note 13 referenced below.

Related copyright notification pages[edit]

Non-commercial or otherwise a little odd, need separate page[edit]

For official HMSO guidance on the matter see Guidance Note 13 on their website.

Requireing "accurate reproduction" makes this a non-free license[edit]

I belive that requireing accurate reproduction does not allow others to publish derivative work, thus making the crown copyright a non-free license. Please have a look at Commons:Village pump#Crown Copyright is non-free. -- Duesentrieb 14:18, 25 Apr 2005 (UTC)