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@Seb26: Could you point me to any Commons or MediaWiki guideline or other standard stating that template categories shouldn't be on /doc subpages?    FDMS  4    21:29, 5 December 2017 (UTC)

FDMS4: no I haven't seen any, it was just behaviour that I have seen that I assumed that was standard. In reality, I can't think of any benefit or disbenefit to either solution. Except for in most cases where being on the template page, it is easier to add/remove with HotCat (low priority), but on the contrary in cases of protected templates, it is possible for regular users to contribute to a template's categorisation. So I didn't act with any guideline in mind, just what I had seen in other templates. I welcome your comments. Also, with regards to your revert, would you compromise to maintain <templatedata> but also restore the use of {{TemplateBox}}? The latter makes the documentation accessible in more languages, and also adds localisation categories so this template can be found with similar others using LangSwitch. Beforehand, this template could not be located at all in that way. I also assumed that TemplateBox was somewhat related to <templatedata> and included usage of that extension, but if that is not so, then thank you for letting me know. Cheers, seb26 (talk) 00:26, 6 December 2017 (UTC)
@Seb26: I do indeed usually put categories on the /doc subpage in order to allow their modification in case of protection of the template, and never heard of any real downside of doing so (HotCat doesn't seem to be active on any templatespace page), therefore I'd ask you not to make such changes unless there is a specific reason why they are necessary. TemplateData is afaik fully translatable (try the TemplateData editor). I'm somewhat skeptical wrt the translation method maintenance categories, if you really think they're helpful and in active use I guess those could be added manually.    FDMS  4    17:58, 6 December 2017 (UTC)
FDMS4: regarding category placement, thanks for the suggestion, I'll take it on board. TemplateData may be fully translatable but there are many instances where people still might make access of the traditional style documentation page. In the help page you linked Commons:TemplateData (doesn't look like a guideline rather a summary of current community progress until now), it suggests that {{TemplateBox}} be used concurrently with the TemplateData extension, so I'm not sure it's somehow more correct for TemplateBox is not used. Your edit summary mentioned that I replaced TemplateData with TemplateBox for cosmetic reasons, however, there were no cosmetic reasons driving the decision, only 2 practical ones which were (1) localisation of documentation immediately when viewing the Template: page, and (2) translation maintenance categories. The translation maintenance categories are well utilised and populated so if you have any skepticism around this I encourage you to take it to a wider discussion. From 99% of the templates I have edited and localised myself, every one was using TemplateBox so there doesn't appear to be doubt about it as a standard. I will re-add TemplateBox back to this template's documentation (though maintaining the way that <templatedata> was on that page before I found it), so the two can be present concurrently, unless you have anything else to add. Cheers, seb26 (talk) 00:47, 7 December 2017 (UTC)
@Seb26: Thanks re category locations. Could you elaborate on what you meant by "localisation of documentation immediately when viewing the Template: page"? TemplateData is stored on the page itself, and can be edited through any wikitext editor or alternatively through the arguably much more convenient TemplateData editor. Also, as I said, translation maintenance categories can easily be placed directly on the /doc subpage.    FDMS  4    08:06, 7 December 2017 (UTC)
@FDMS4:, yes, it's just referring to when you view the template at Template:If copyright holder, inside the green documentation box the information about shortcuts, namespace, restricted users, the localisation method explained and how to localise it with instructions and often a box to create a new subpage. Shortcuts, namespaces, and if the template categorises its target pages, are all details that are wrapped in information which is translated into the user's interface language. For example, see [1] set to Chinese. There's also no need for translation maintenance categories to be placed manually anywhere because by using the parameter i18n-method in TemplateBox, it determines them automatically. It would actually be replicating a lot of work unnecessarily to start adding them manually. As I said, I wasn't really suggesting that TemplateBox replace TemplateData, as it's clear the two can exist on the same page simultaneously, so whichever has an easier format to edit becomes less relevant if both are simply made accessible. Cheers, seb26 (talk) 13:17, 7 December 2017 (UTC)