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Is someone here able give an Example about what this Template is doing? --Itu (talk) 22:47, 31 July 2011 (UTC)

added one to the template's page. Cheers --Saibo (Δ) 22:53, 31 July 2011 (UTC)

Italian translation[edit]


Please add

|it=Questo template categorizza in

to LangSwitch --Ricordisamoa 19:26, 14 February 2013 (UTC)

✓ DoneKwj2772 (msg) 18:02, 15 February 2013 (UTC)

Galician translation[edit]

{{editprotected}} Please add Galician translation:

|gl=Este modelo ha categorizar en

Thanks! --Toliño Fala aquí comigo 15:18, 13 July 2014 (UTC)

✓ Done --Hedwig in Washington (mail?) 07:18, 14 July 2014 (UTC)

Bielarusan translation[edit]

{{editprotected}} Please add be-tarask translation:

|be-tarask=Гэты шаблён зьмяшчае ў катэгоры{{#if:{{{2|}}}|і|ю}}

Thanks in advance, Renessaince (talk) 17:14, 4 August 2015 (UTC)

✓ Done--Jarekt (talk) 20:32, 27 October 2015 (UTC)

Spanish translation[edit]

{{editprotected}} Please add spanish translation:

|es=Esta plantilla se categorizará en

--Amitie 10g (talk) 05:45, 19 December 2015 (UTC)

done Basvb (talk) 19:58, 19 December 2015 (UTC)

Japanese translation[edit]

{{edit request}}

Please add Japanese translation below:


Please replace '.' with


Its reason is for not displaying “.” in Japanese text (and customize the end of a sentence of other languages), thank you. --Kkairri (talk) 18:24, 5 February 2016 (UTC)

✓ Done--Jarekt (talk) 03:24, 8 February 2016 (UTC)

Request for the modification of zh-hant and zh-hans translation[edit]

{{edit request}} Please replace the current zh-hant and zh-hans translation with the following version (with a more proper Chinese grammar):


Thank you. --Howard61313 (talk) 29 October 2016 (Sat) 15:34 (UTC)

✓ Done --Hedwig in Washington (mail?) 09:01, 29 October 2016 (UTC)