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Addendum proposal[edit]

It is a work whose authors' rights belong to the Brazilian government (federal, state, or municipal), for which the economic rights shall be protected for a period of 70 years from the first of January of the year following that of their disclosure or that of the author's demise, whichever is later.

As per interpretation below:

"Therefore, since the inception of of Law 9.610/98, the works whose ownership belongs to the Public Administration shall be covered by the general protection provided in the law, i.e, 70 years reckoned from January 1 of the year following the death of the author or of the publication of the work, as appropriate. "

Author: "Lawyer, graduated in Law and Computer Science with specialization in Information Technology and extension in Computer Law and Copyright."

"Portanto, desde o início da vigência da Lei 9.610/98, aplica-se às obras cuja titularidade pertence à Administração Pública a proteção geral prevista na norma, ou seja, de 70 anos contatos a partir de 1º de janeiro ao ano subsequente da morte do autor ou da publicação da obra, conforme o caso."

Autor: "Advogado, graduado em Direito e Ciências da Computação, com especialização em Tecnologias da Informação e extensão em Direito da Informática e Direitos Autorais."

Veja: <http://jus.com.br/artigos/14982/orgaos-publicos-dominio-publico-e-licencas-publicas>

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Links to the articles[edit]

The links can have anchors direct to the cited articles. Please edit the links to add the respective articles, adding #artxx where xx is the respective article number to the links. For example http://www.planalto.gov.br/ccivil_03/leis/L3071.htm#art662

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