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purge rev-ID : 1480458

bugzilla:04547 – "Including templates from Commons"
bugzilla:04126 – "BiDi feature request: please create a variable {{CONTENTDIR}}"

interwiki issues[edit]

BiDi issues[edit]

Please take a look at


and newer revision of that template.

  • This template exists in different versions at LTR and RTL wiki's.
The pseudo-variable {{DIR}} is used template:DIR to anticipate such a MediaWiki variable.
{{DIR}} contains:
The pseudo-variable {{DIRMARK}} is used template:DIRMARK to anticipate such a MediaWiki variable.
{{DIRMARK}} contains:

localisation of template:wikivar[edit]

see: Template talk:DIRMARK#why template:DIRMARKGangleri | Th | T 13:04, 8 March 2006 (UTC)

lowercase issues[edit]