The History of the Russian Uniform (ongoing stamp series)

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The History of the Russian Uniform is an ongoing series of stamps issued by the Russian Post. The stamps of the series depict Russian clothes of various periods and organizations.

The stamp series started in 2013, as of 11 August 2015 12 stamps of the series were issued; the series will continue.

Issue Ⅰ, 8 November 2013. The Ministry of Internal Affairs.[edit]

Issue Ⅱ, 1 Septeber 2014. The uniform of the communications service.[edit]

Issue Ⅲ, 11 August 2015. The uniform of rail transport staff.[edit]

Issue Ⅳ, 2016. The uniform of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia[edit]


  1. Hereinafter figures are enumerated from left to right.
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  3. For further philatelic information see a description on a file page.