The Kallikak Family

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Below are a selection of pictures from Henry H. Goddard's The Kallikak Family (New York: Macmillan Co., 1912), an important book in the history of eugenics which advocated the segregation of the "feeble-minded" in special institutions.

The details of the faces have been provided here in most cases, as a number of present-day authors have accused Goddard of modifying his photographs to make the "feeble-minded" children look more threatening.

Deborah Kallikak[edit]

Kallikak pedigrees[edit]

"Great-grandchildren of 'Old Sal.'"[edit]

"Great-granson of 'Daddy' Kallikak."[edit]

"Children of Guss Saunders, with their Grandmother"[edit]

"Malinda, Daughter of 'Jemima.'"[edit]

"Esther, Daughter of 'Daddy' Kallikak"[edit]