Tour:USS Nevada- Pearl Harbor attack

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USS Nevada temporarily beached on hospital point 925AM NARA-80-G-19940.jpg
Picture Tour of the USS Nevada during the Pearl Harbor Attack

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  • Index of pictures of the USS Nevada related to the Pearl Harbor attack:
  1. Beginning location of Nevada at start of attack
  2. ~808 Nevada berthed, shockwaves from hits on West Virginia, but prior to magazine explosion on Arizona
  3. ~0809 Arizona is engulfed after magazine explosion
  4. ~0840?? Nevada leaves her berth- stern visible at far left behind burning oil from Arizona
  5. ~0855 USS Nevada as seen from Ford Island, as she passes between Avocet and Dock 1010, just prior to being hit by two bombs from dive bombers which hit her forward section. (NHC 97397)
  6. ~0902- Avocet Dock1 - Just passing Avocet
  7. ~0902- Avocet Dock2 - immediately prior to bow bomb hit
  8. ~0902- Avocet Dock3 - Moments after bomb hit to bow, smoke billowing from hit.
  9. ~0903- Avocet Dock4
  10. ~0903- Avocet Dock5
  11. 0900 Smoke billowing just after being hit by bombs to her forward section
  12. Passing Seaplane ramp on Ford- Heavy smoke from forward areas. Immediately prior to first grounding.
  13. 0930 USS Shaw (DD-373) explodes
  14. Nevada burning, after Shaw explosion.
  15. ~0925 Nevada beached and burning, as seen from Hospital Point
  16. ~0955 After being moved to Waipio Point, Hoga pushes Nevada's bow into the coral sand bank of the western shore of the channel with Nevada's bow pointed down the channel.
  17. Waipo Point- Starboard plate buckling visible towards bow.
  18. +Many hours: Aerial shot of Nevada grounded off Waipio Point.
  19. Damage to forward decks
  20. Damage: Forecastle deck where bomb exploded under decks
  21. Location where Nevada was hit by a Type 91 Torpedo
  22. 18 February 1942, Nevada is refloated and enters drydock for sufficent repair to return her to Bremerton Naval Shipyards