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Tramlink is a light rail/tram system serving Croydon and surrounding areas in South London, England. It began operation in May 2000 as Croydon Tramlink, becoming the first tram system in London since 1959. It is owned by London Tramlink an arm of Transport for London (TfL), and is operated as a concession by FirstGroup.

The network consists of 39 stops along 28 km of track, on a mixture of street track shared with other traffic, dedicated track in public roads, and off-street track consisting of new rights-of-way, former railway lines, and one section of alignment (not track) shared with a third rail electrified Network Rail line. The network has 4 lines that all radiate at central Croydon, with eastbound termini at Beckenham Junction, Elmers End and New Addington, and a westbound terminus at Wimbledon, where there is an interchange for London Underground. The Tramlink is the third-busiest light rail network in the UK behind the Tyne and Wear Metro and the Docklands Light Railway.


Bombardier CR4000[edit]

A 76% low floor model of tram built by Bombardier Transportation in Bautzen and Vienna between 1998 and 2000.

Croydon Variobahn (Stadler Variobahn)[edit]

An articulated low-floor tram designed by Stadler Rail. The first vehicles entered service during 2012.

Service trams[edit]


The tram stops have low platforms, 35 cm (14 in) above rail level. They are unstaffed and have automated ticket machines. In general, access between the platforms involves crossing the tracks by pedestrian level crossing. There are 39 stops, most being 32.2 m (106 ft) long. They are virtually level with the doors and are all wider than 2 m (6 ft 7 in). This allows wheelchairs, prams and the elderly to board the tram easily with no steps. In street sections, the stop is integrated with the pavement.




Level crossings[edit]


Therapia Lane depot[edit]

Other infrastructure[edit]


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