Trams in Szczecin

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Tram lines in Szczecin:

Trams in Szczecin is a 12-line, standard gauge tram system in Szczecin, Poland that has been in operation since 1879 (when the town was Stettin, Prussia). The tramway operates on 60 kilometers (37 mi) of route. There are two depots and twelve balloon loops (including five street ones). Daytime lines (night lines were abolished in 1996) are operated by the company Tramwaje Szczecińskie (Szczecin Tramways), on behalf of the ZDiTM (Zarząd Dróg i Transportu Miejskiego; Road and Public Transport Administration). There is also a tourist line operated by the Szczecin's Association of the Enthusiasts of Public Transport.

Rolling stock[edit]

Konstal 102Na[edit]

Konstal 105N/105Na[edit]

Konstal 105N2k/2000[edit]

Tatra KT4DtM[edit]

Tatra T6A2D[edit]

Interiors of Szczecin trams'[edit]