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اما در بقیه‌ی موارد تنها دارنده‌ی حق تکثیر می‌تواند اجازه‌ی تولید آثار مشتق را صادر کند. این آثار مشتق شامل تصاویر مجسمه‌ها و دیگر آثار دارای حق تکثیر است. این اصل در مورد بقیه‌ی آثار نیز صادق است. شما نمی‌توانید فیلمی از یک کتاب را بدون اجازه‌ی نویسنده‌ی آن بسازید زیرا حاصل عمل شما یک اثر مشتق خواهد بود.

In summary: you cannot trace someone else's copyrighted creative drawing and upload that tracing to Commons under a new, free license because a tracing is a copy without new creative content; likewise, you cannot make a movie version of a book you just read without the permission of the author, even if you added substantial creative new material to the storyline, because the movie requires the original book author's permission— if such permission were obtained, however, the movie would likely then be considered a derivative work entitled to its own novel copyright protection. "Derivative", in this sense, does not simply mean "derived from", it means, "derived from and including new creative content which is entitled to a new copyright."