Turkish general election, June 2015

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English: The Turkish general election of 2015 took place on 7 June 2015.
Türkçe: Haziran 2015 Türkiye genel seçimleri, 7 Haziran 2015 tarihinde gerçekleşmiştir.


Justice and Development Party (AKP)[edit]

Republican People's Party (CHP)[edit]

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP)[edit]

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP)[edit]

Labour Party (EMEP)[edit]

The Labour Party supported the HDP during the general election and did not put forward its own candidates.

Felicity Party (SP)[edit]

Patriotic Party (VP)[edit]

Independent Turkey Party (BTP)[edit]

Anatolia Party (ANAPAR)[edit]

Democratic Left Party (DSP)[edit]

Democrat Party (DP)[edit]

Liberal Democrat Party (LDP)[edit]


Free Cause Party (HÜDA-PAR)[edit]

The Free Cause Party ran candidates as independents to bypass the 10% election threshold.


Voting process[edit]


Maps and Charts[edit]


Election maps[edit]