USS Princess Matoika (ID-2290)

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USS Princess Matoika (ID-2290), 1917-1919. The ship was also SS Kiautschou for HAPAG from 1900 to 1904; SS Princess Alice (sometimes misspelled as Prinzess Alice) for Norddeutscher Lloyd, 1904–1917; USAT Princess Matoika from 1919–1921; SS Princess Matoika for the United States Mail Steamship Line and United States Lines, 1921–1925; SS President Arthur for United States Lines and Palestine American Line, 1922–1926; SS City of Honolulu for the Los Angeles Steamship Company, 1926–1933.

As SS Princess Alice[edit]

As USS Princess Matoika[edit]

As SS Princess Matoika[edit]