Unicode circle shaped symbols

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Unicode shows in different blocks many circle-shaped characters. This table displays a lot of them from the Basic Multilingual Plane.

Symbol U+ (&#x) in Unicode Block see also
¤ 00A4 0080-00FF
° 00B0 0080-00FF
º 00BA 0080-00FF
ο 03BF 0370-03FF
2092 2090-209F
20D8 20D0-20FF
20DD 20D0-20FF 25EF and many others
20E0 20D0-20FF 2349
2117 2100-214F
2180 2150-218F 29B6
2182 2150-218F
2188 2150-218F
2205 2200-22FF 2300 2D41
2218 2200-22FF
2295 2200-22FF 2641 2A01 2D32 10908
2296 2200-22FF 2D31
2297 2200-22FF 26D2 29BB 29BC 2A02 2A37
2298 2200-22FF
2299 2200-22FF 25C9 2609 2686 29BF 2A00 2D59 A668
229A 2200-22FF 233E 25CE 293E
229B 2200-22FF 235F
229C 2200-22FF
229D 2200-22FF
22B6 2200-22FF
22B7 2200-22FF
22B8 2200-22FF
2300 2300-23FF 2205 2D41
2315 2300-23FF
233D 2300-23FF
233E 2300-23FF
2349 2300-23FF 20E0 2383 29B0 29B8
235B 2300-23FF
235C 2300-23FF
235F 2300-23FF
2364 2300-23FF
2365 2300-23FF
2384 2300-23FF
2388 2300-23FF
2389 2300-23FF
238A 2300-23FF
238B 2300-23FF
23F2 2300-23FF
23F8 2300-23FF
23FA 2300-23FF
23FB 2300-23FF
23FC 2300-23FF
25A2 25A0-25FF
25C9 25A0-25FF
25CB 25A0-25FF
25CC 25A0-25FF
25CD 25A0-25FF
25CE 25A0-25FF
25CF 25A0-25FF
25D0 25A0-25FF
25D1 25A0-25FF
25D2 25A0-25FF
25D3 25A0-25FF
25D4 25A0-25FF
25D5 25A0-25FF
25D6 25A0-25FF
25D7 25A0-25FF
25E6 25A0-25FF
25EF 25A0-25FF
25F4 25A0-25FF
25F5 25A0-25FF
25F6 25A0-25FF
25F7 25A0-25FF
2600 2600-26FF
2609 2600-26FF
260C 2600-26FF
260D 2600-26FF
2622 2600-26FF
262E 2600-26FF
263F 2600-26FF
2638 2600-26FF
2640 2600-26FF 29EC
2641 2600-26FF 2295
2642 2600-26FF
2686 2600-26FF
2687 2600-26FF
2688 2600-26FF
2689 2600-26FF
2699 2600-26FF
26AA 2600-26FF
26AB 2600-26FF
26AC 2600-26FF
26B2 2600-26FF
26D2 2600-26FF
26D4 2600-26FF
26ED 2600-26FF
26EE 2600-26FF
26EF 2600-26FF
2981 2980-29FF
2982 2980-29FF
29B0 2980-29FF
29B1 2980-29FF
29B2 2980-29FF
29B3 2980-29FF
29B4 2980-29FF
29B5 2980-29FF
29B6 2980-29FF 2D40
29B7 2980-29FF
29B8 2980-29FF
29B9 2980-29FF
29BA 2980-29FF
29BB 2980-29FF
29BC 2980-29FF
29BD 2980-29FF
29BE 2980-29FF
⦿ 29BF 2980-29FF
29C0 2980-29FF
29C1 2980-29FF
29C2 2980-29FF
29C3 2980-29FF
29EC 2980-29FF
29ED 2980-29FF
29F2 2980-29FF
29F3 2980-29FF
2A00 2A00-2AFF
2A01 2A00-2AFF
2A02 2A00-2AFF
2A36 2A00-2AFF
2A37 2A00-2AFF
2A38 2A00-2AFF
2D30 2D30-2D7F
2D31 2D30-2D7F
2D32 2D30-2D7F
2D40 2D30-2D7F
2D41 2D30-2D7F
2D54 2D30-2D7F
2D59 2D30-2D7F
3002 3000-303F
A668 A640-A69F
A669 A640-A69F
𐤈 10908 10900-1091F
𐤏 1090F 10900-1091F
𐤒 10912 10900-1091F
𐍈 10348 10330-1034F
𑢵 118B5 118A0-118FF