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The University of Copenhagen is a big university in Denmark. Its facilities are spread out in many locations in Copenhagen.


Old buildings in the inner city[edit]

The oldest part contain Theology and Law studies

Institute for Mathematical Sciences[edit]

Department of Computer Science (DIKU)[edit]

August Krogh Institute[edit]

Geological Museum[edit]

H. C. Ørsted Institute[edit]

The H. C. Ørsted Institute is basically four buildings connected by a long corridor called Vandrehallen.

Niels Bohr Institute[edit]

Panum Institute[edit]

The Panum Institute is the faculty of health sciences at the university of Copenhagen.

Zoological Museum[edit]

See also[edit]

The old university library in Fiolstræde, and the university library on Nørre Allé, which is now part of the Danish Royal Library.