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Anglo-Saxon paintings & engravings[edit]

On Commons[edit]

Not yet on Commons[edit]

  • Samuel Wale, illustrations for W. H. Mountague's A New and Universal History of England (1771-2):
    • Berinus Converting the Saxons to Christianity
    • The Monks of Bangor Put to the Sword by Order of Ethelfrid
    • The Abbess of Coldingham Monastery & her Nuns Cutting Off Their Noses & Upper Lips to Prevent Being Ravished by the Danes
    • Alfred Taking the Danish Standard
    • Athelstan Saves His Father's Life by Taking Leofrid the Dane Prisoner
    • Edmund Stabbed by Leolf the Robber
    • Combat between Edmund Ironside and Canute the Great
    • Queen Emma's Chastity Tried by Ordeal Fire
  • Edward Edwards, illustrations for Edward Barnard's A New, Comprehensive and Complete History of England (1783):
    • Alfred in the Neat-Herd's Cottage
    • Canute, Commanding the Sea to Retire

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