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Copying images from other Wikimedia projects[edit]

Welcome to the Commons (<-- Check out this page, you'll find some really useful hints there.)

  1. Please always copy the full image description text and not only link to the source page!
  2. Please always add the {{NowCommons}} templates to the images moved on the specific project you took the image from!
  3. Please always add your images to proper categories or articles so other users are able to find and use them!

By not doing this you create lots of work to be done by local Wikipedia and Commons admins.

Before you go on with further uploads, please read Commons:First steps carefully.

Correct information[edit]

Hello …,

could you please always copy full information when transferring images that were made by other users? It is important to link the original authors user page - especially if his nick differs from his real name. And please copy the basic information on an image's history (whe was it uploaded on which project with which exact URL by whom) … please see [… this example] for what has to be fixed.

It would still be impossible for me to get in contact with the photographer of Image:XY, if I wouldn't be an experienced user and know where to seek. Yes, I really had to seek the original image, because you copied it with a slightly different file name and you didn't give the Wikipedia name of the author …

Thank you for being a bit more careful in the future :-)