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User from Transnistria
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I mainly edit on the Russian Wikipedia. My web site.

In Commons, I am mostly active in categorizing and uploading photos. Since 20th of September 2015 I am an autopatrolled.

I contributed using Windows XP and web browser Opera.

Since September 2014 I use Windows 7 and Opera.

Since June 2016 I use Xubuntu 16.04 (like Windows 7) and Opera.

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I am glad that the photos were restored. I am happy that the administration admitted their mistakes and apologized. In this regard, I return to participate in the project Wikimedia Commons.

Dear administration Commons, before you delete my photos because of the license: (Copyright violation, see Commons:Licensing or or something else...) read this post.





[[Category:Photographs by Донор]]
[[Category:Photos by Донор in 2016]]

{{low quality}}
|description={{ru|1=Текст [[:ru:ссылка|показываемый текст]]. [[:Category:Pentax K-r|Пример ссылки на Категорию Викисклада]]}} or {{Inkscape}}
| date = year-month-day or {{Taken in|1990-09-02}}, {{Original upload date|2009-01-04}}
| source= {{own}} or {{Attrib |1=name of the file were elements are taken from|2=name of the user who created that image}} or {{attribSVG|1= |2= }} or [[Flickr]]: [ Space Center]
* Uploaded by [[User:Донор|Донор]]
| author = [[User:Донор|Донор]] or [[flickruser:777|User Name]] or {{various}}
| permission = {{self|cc-by-sa-4.0|GFDL}} or {{cc-by-4.0|Донор}}
Antarctica.svg|{{#language:en}} or {{LangSwitch|en=The same auto from another viewpoint.|ru=Это авто в другом ракурсе.}}
{{Location dec|46.835439|29.624057|heading:wnw}}