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Template:Sisterprojexts-foo, Template:Sisterprojexts @ xx.wikixxxx[edit]

Wiki does not exist

ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved (

  • I identified three templates with broken links to Wikinews:Main_Page. See the required changes for:

not OK:
[[n:Main Page|'''Wikinovaĵoj''']]
[ '''Vikinovaĵoj''']

not OK:
[[n:Main Page|'''Wikinews''']]
[ '''Wikinews''']

sr:Template:Сестрински пројекти
not OK:
[[n:|'''Вики вести''']]
[ '''Вики вести''']

  • The reason for this is that the inter wiki prefix "[[n:]]" translates to the same language eaven if this wiki is not available. It would not help to use "[[:en:n:]]" because this would generate a "Bad title".
  • How n:eo: can make the translation to n:en: if n:en: does not exist? A plain link must be used. An additional change would be made to define the link(s) as "plain links". Then it looks nicer but you cheat:
  1. Vikinovaĵoj
  2. Wikinews
  3. Вики вести
<span class=plainlinks>[ '''Vikinovaĵoj''']</span>
  • Note:s
    • According to my knowledge at this moment (11:30, 28 Apr 2005 (UTC)) the templates are neither fixed at the sister projects nor at commons:.
    • Bugzilla:2029 Do do not use <div> – </div>, use <span> – </span>.

P.S. See also Template:Sisterprojects-ang