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Admin, Persian Wikipedia

I truly love honesty and I hate liars, I don't want to see disadvantaged people suffer. I love what is beautiful and I'm not a friend of liars.

About me

My name is Mohammad, and my user name came from Derafsh Kaviani. I started editing Wikimedia in 2008 and during these years, I mostly edited Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Wikisource. I have studied Ancient History at the University of Tehran, and I am studying Iranian and Persianate Studies at the University of Göttingen.

My work

I mostly edit Wikipedia, Wikisource, and Wikidata (Lexeme project) and my contribution to Commons is limited to uploading the pictures I take during my travels and some public domain pictures in Iran.

Contact me

  • E-mail:
  • Telegram: Darafsh

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