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Flag of the Arab RevolutionThis user is of Arab ancestry.
هذا المستخدم عربي أو من أصل عربي


flag of Canada
This user comes from Canada.
George W. Bush This user opposes George W. Bush.
Return Melilla and CeutaThis User calls for the integration of Melilla and Ceuta to Morocco
Firefox This user prefers Mozilla Firefox.
CBCThis user supports the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
A rare politician that deserves respect

Control over the US and the World

"We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent." (Banker James Warburg, February 17, 1950, testifying before the U.S. Senate).

'We're not obliged to give 'both sides of the story' when the 'other side' is irr(e)levant.'User:NoCal100 on the Lydda Death March talkpage. The other side consists of Palestinians

'no Palestinian can dig a hole more than 40cm below the ground.' Robert Fisk, ‘In the West Bank's stony hills, Palestine is slowly dying,’ Independent 30 January 2010

'Ainsley Cody . .lives by his own code of honor, which includes respecting others if they deserve it, defending yourself, and never backing down if you are right.' Margaret Atwood, reviewing E. O. Wilson, Anthill, NYRB April 8, 2010 pp.6-8 p.8.

Gaza on the Mind

'It was as though the buildings destroyed by bombs and shells, the central courtyard ploughed up by the war - full of mounds of earth, heaps of twisted metal, damp acrid smoke and the yellow reptilian flames of slowly-burning insulators - represented what was left to him of his own life.'Vasily Grossman, Life and Fate p.246

Army-style settlers

'Investigations fail to result in convictions even when eyewitnesses provide accurate descriptions of Jewish suspects seen at or fleeing the scene, holding incriminating evidence - as in a case reported earlier this month by the Jerusalem Post's Dan Izenberg. According to the April 6 article, a settler from Kedumim was caught by police last summer, fleeing a burning Palestinian orchard while holding a jerrican filled with flammable liquid, and with the smell of the liquid on his hands. The suspect refused to answer police questions during interrogation; and less than a year later, the courts dismissed the case for "lack of evidence." Michael Sfard, Yesh Din's legal advisor, described the court's decision as "scandalous." Lisa Goldman, ‘Who will protect Palestinians from growing settler extremism?,’ Haaretz 24/04/2010

Victims of the Holocaust victims

The treatment meted out to Jews in Germany and other European countries is a disgrace to its authors and to modern civilisation; but posterity will not exonerate any country that fails to bear its proper share of the sacrifices needed to alleviate Jewish suffering and distress. To place the brunt of the burden upon Arab Palestine is a miserable evasion of the duty that lies upon the whole of the civilised world. It is also morally outrageous. No code of morals could justify the persecution of one people in an attempt to relieve the persecution of another. The cure for the eviction of Jews from Germany is not to be sought in the eviction of the Arabs from their homeland; and the relief of the Jewish distress may not be accomplished at the cost of inflicting a corresponding distress upon an innocent and peaceful population. -- Antonius, George (1939) The Arab awakening: the story of the Arab national movement, H. Hamilton cited in Fisk, Robert (2005) The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East, Harper Perennial, p. 451

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