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My Uploaded Files[edit]


File:Interior view of the North Fort of Taku on the Peiho River.jpg
File:Viewing the entrance of the North Fort on the Peiho River.jpg
File:The 67th foot storming the Taku Forts, 1860.jpeg


File:Opium Wars, Return of the Avengers.jpg
File:1860s, Battle of Palikao Print.jpg (deleted)
File:Dragoon Guards in Second Opium War.jpg
File:1858, Canton Commissioner Yeh Men.jpg
File:Commodore Elliot leading gunboats to the attack of junks, 1857.jpg
File:Part of the Destroyed Walls of Canton, from the Dutch Folly Fort.jpg (In discussion of deletion, kept)
File:Opium Wars, storming of the Taku Forts by British troops, 1860.JPG
File:Battle of Omdurman-1.JPG
File:Interior Of The North Fort Peiho, 1860.jpg
File:1900 China war, burning of the Temple.jpg(2011/12/25 updated)
File:Head-Quarters of the Allies, Canton, 1858.jpg
File:French quarters at Canton, 1858.jpg
File:Opium Wars, Military train going up to Canton.jpg
File:Canton Street after a visit from the Barbarians.jpg
File:The Conflagration in the suburbs, Canton, 1857.jpg
File:Taking of Sai-Lau, Canton River, 1858.jpg
File:British soldiers robbing at the commissariat stores, 1858.jpg
File:Young Adolf Hitler age 35.jpg

2012 (The end of the world lol)[edit]

File:After the Capture of the Taku Forts 1860.jpg