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With my cousin
I wait for a world where children can play freely.

유자차(Yuza Tea,15 1 2019 ~ ) is work by eating Yuja tea. In Korean Wikipedia he is Uploader.


Hello everyone! I'm user 유자차. If you are difficult to use the Korean, You can call me 'YuzaTea'! Thank you for visiting my user page. I use user '유자차' at Korean Wikipedia or Korean Wikisource.

In Korean Wikipedia I'm Uploader. I work busily at Korean Wikipedia, wiki data, and Wikisource.

Sometimes I Translate the page English to Korean at Wikimedia commons or meta-wiki.

I can't speak and write English well. But Please understand me even if I make mistakes. Thank you so much and Have a good day! --유자차 (talk) 15:26, 8 February 2020 (UTC)

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File:덕이초등학교 전경.jpg, File:덕이초등학교 정문.jpg, File:서대문독립공원의 모습.jpg, File:Vinpearl Discovery 1 Nha Trang pool villa a full scene.jpg, File:Vinpearl electric car.jpg, File:Vinpearl wharf security gate.jpg, File:Vinpearl wharf speed boat.jpg, File:Vinpearl Discovery 1 Nha Trang pool swimming villa pool.jpg, File:Vinpearl Land Nha Trang Ferris wheel.jpg, File:Gajwa library.jpg, File:Gajwa library entry.jpg, File:Gajwa Elementary School Main Gate.jpg, File:Gajwa High School.jpg, File:Gajwa Elementary School.jpg, File:Deogi Middle School.jpg, File:Deogi Middle School door.jpg, File:파주와동초등학교 전경 1.jpg, File:와동초등학교.png, File:옥성 2리 파노라마 전경.jpg, File:송포초등학교 전경.jpg, File:세이브 더 칠드런 신생아살리기 캠페인 모자 키트.jpg, File:안산시 휘장.png (Author : 안산시, 안산시청/KOGL), File:행신역 KTX 승강장1.jpg, File:행신역 KTX 승강장2.jpg, File:행신역 KTX 철도선.jpg, File:행신역.jpg, File:행신역 KTX 승강장3.jpg, File:행신역 역사.jpg, File:대구광역시 달구벌 관등놀이 소원풍등날리기.jpg (Author : 대구광역시, 대구광역시청/KOGL), File:두류공원 벚꽃.jpg (Author : 대구광역시, 대구광역시청/KOGL), File:위키미디어 공용 한국어 대문 스크린샷.jpg, File:위키낱말사전 한국어 대문 스크린샷.jpg, File:위키생물종 한국어 대문 스크린샷.jpg, File:코웨이 로고.jpg (Author : 코웨이 / PD-textlogo) File:대한민국 중앙선거관리위원회 로고.png (Author : 중앙선거관리위원회, 중앙선거관리위원회 홍보과(02-503-9672)/KOGL), File:위키백과 작업 도구.jpg, File:파일 올리기 스크린샷.JPG, File:전라남도 슬로건.jpg (Author : 전라남도/KOGL)

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