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Hi! I am revi (How to pronounce:ræbi). (Note the lowercase R!)

EditCount: 40744

Uploads (latest/all): 1316/1374

  • I only receive a ping via Email, and I check it every few days. If you need my attention, leaving a talk page message is generally faster. (Under no circumstances I will reply to any WikiDramaTM pings.)
  • If you need to email me, check out here. Local email is disabled on all wikimedia wikis except Meta.
  • I refuse to make use of so called "partial block". When policy demands me to use it, I will not block them at all. Find other admin if you want to ask for one. I only block, now so called "sitewide block".
  • Don't ask me to make use of 'Caption' or 'Structured Data on Commons'. See User:-revi/SDoC for my opinion about the software.
    • Please don't edit this page, for whatever reason, unless I am desysopped. thanks.

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revi, Spring 2017