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This IP, (talk · contributions · Number of edits) has vandalized cross-wiki.

However, it is a shared IP. It is widely used by multiple Internet cafes, one office in w:en:Litherland and also across Liverpool, Toxteth and Cheshire.

The IP geolocates to Berkhamsted.

It has been an open proxy, listed on lists ( if you need to find a list of proxies!) but the proxy soon had a "Host Suspended" notice on it.

However, now, it should be secure. It has been used by trolls from when the proxy was in operation.

Spambot pages from it are from this time as well.

However, security for this IP range has now improved and it is no longer an open proxy as of 14 December 2008.

I apologise if this IP has been misused in the past across wikis.