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User 99of9 reflected in Australian Magpie eye.jpg This is me, reflected in the eye of a juvenile Australian Magpie

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For image attribution, please credit: Toby Hudson (Wikimedia Commons), and release your work under the same license that I have (or a compatible one).

I'm a bureaucrat (check) and admin (check) here. Leave a message on my talk page if you need me to look into anything.

My contributions[edit]

My Gallery

At some point I should write some thoughts on how Commons can be improved, but for now, here's an essay on Disputed territories.

My report on a small grant I received from Wikimedia Australia.

My statistics[edit]

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2011 census maps
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Administration stuff[edit]

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Maintenance stats[edit]

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Consent queried 34 Derivative works with broken file links 0
License review needed (54) 105822 Extracted images with broken file links 1829
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