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This guide shows how to use any image uploaded under the names AEMoreira042281 or Adam E. Moreira, the real name of the user. This has been largely transcribed from the Licensing Guide of User:Ram-Man.

GFDL Licensing[edit]

There is often confusion about how to license a GFDL image. They cannot be used without permission and it is not sufficient merely to list my name with the picture. If you'd like that type of license, you must contact me directly.

The GFDL requires all the following to be able to be used without asking for permission and special terms.

  1. Inclusion of all copyright notices in the original image, including the author's name.
  2. A notice stating that the GFDL v.1.2 license applies.
  3. A physical copy of the license text itself (if printed) or the full text of the license in digital format. Providing the link to the official text is insufficient.
  4. In general, the entire document containing the image must be licensed under the GFDL, not just the image itself. The idea is that if you use one of the pictures for free, it is only fair that the document using the pictures must also be free.

Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike[edit]

This license (Cc-by-sa) mainly differs from the GFDL in that merely providing a web link is sufficient to satisfy the copy of the license requirement. If an image is not already licensed under these terms, you must ask for permission.

All other uses[edit]

I will also license almost all of my images for commercial publications for reasonable, standard fees. The exact fee depends on things like size, placement, and distribution. For non-commercial, non-profit and/or private usage, also please contact me directly.