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Paintings that might be copyrighted[edit]

Popes' Gallery[edit]

And here some additional help considering your images:
  1. The original paintings in the basilica are the copyrighted works of its artists.
  2. You can make a photograph of these and upload them to Commons if a) teh author has died more than 70 years ago or b) if the paintings are covered by the freedom of panorama exception.
  3. In case a) you can tag them with any free license accepted on Commons as the photograph is yours. But you should mention that the artwork's copyright has expired and state the reason.
  4. In case b) you can tag them with any free license accepted on Commons and should mention that the artwork is in the PD. Additionally it is recommended to also add the {{FOP}} template.
  5. If you have not taken the photo personally (as in your case) you can upload the image to Commons if a) the photograph has a free license accepted in Commons and if the image falls under the freedom of panorma exception or b) the photograph shows a 2D artwork and its author has died more than 70 years ago.
  6. In case a) please use the original license and add the {{FOP}} template and also state where you have found your image.
  7. In case b) please use the {{PD-Art}} tag.
In your case for most images the last case is applicable except for the paintings where its author is less than 70 years dead. If the author is annonymous (and not only unknown!) than the 100 years rule after its creation applies. So the most images showing the most recent popes are most probably copyvios.
BTW: Freedom of panorama does not exist in Italy but that is of no importance in your case. --ALE! ¿…? 09:26, 26 November 2007 (UTC)