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My page at Wikipedia.

I'm mostly a scavenger here, finding images from over the internet (mostly flickr) for use on Wikipedia and manually uploading them here. However, I have convinced several photograpers to change the licensing of their photos so they can be used here on Commons such as for George Butler, Joe Montana, two of Scottie Pippen's pics, and Michael Jordan's photos. I would like to take this opportunity to thank in particular flickr users Joshua Massel, who changed the license for the first free use pic of Michael Jordan on Wikipedia, shgmom56, who changed the license of basically all of her pics, Phil Hull, who changed the license of the pic now used in Joe Montana's infobox, and ozray50 who changed the license of the Ian Thorpe pic. Thanks ever so much.

Images I've scavenged from over the internet[Bearbeiten]


  • George Butler:[1]
  • A German Opel:[2]
  • A restored Morgan:[3][4]
  • Penn Jillette:[5]
  • Teller (magician):[6]
  • Francis Ford Coppola:[7]
  • Nike Mexico headquarters:[8]
  • Tajik boy selling at market.jpg:[9]
  • Clowns:[10][11]
  • Matthew Cox:[12][13][14] (my 200th upload)
  • Pentagon march:[15]
  • Jesse L. Lasky:[16]
  • Dr. Oliver Sacks:[17]
  • Jillian Grace and David Gallagher:[18]
  • Jillian Grace:[19]
  • David Gallagher:[20]
  • Jang Dong-gun:[21][22]
  • Cast of the film Close Call:[23]
  • Jeff Fahey:[24]
  • Sung Kang:[25]
  • Peter Kwong, Annie Lee, and Robin Shou:[26]
  • Robin Shou:[27]
  • Annie Lee:[28]
  • Peter Kwong:[29]
  • Male cross-dresser:[30]
  • Peach castella:[31]
  • Rip Torn:[32][33]
  • Garry Shandling:[34][35]
  • Jeffrey Tambor:[36][37][38]
  • Jason Bateman, Sigourney Weaver, an unidentified actor, and Jeffrey Tambor at Comic-Con in 2010:[39]
  • Ted Danson:[40]
  • Minority Report:[41]


Film trailer screenshots[Bearbeiten]





Mixed Martial Arts[Bearbeiten]

  • Royce Gracie:[225]
  • Mark "The Hammer" Coleman (my 100th upload):[226]
  • Randy Couture:[227]
  • Pride Fighting Championships fighter intro:[228]


Other sports[Bearbeiten]

Politicians and Government officials[Bearbeiten]




  • A Cottonwood tree in the Fall:[291]
  • Water drop on a leaf:[292]
  • Icy Road:[293]
  • Giant water bug aka "toe-biter":[294]
  • Wawona Tunnel tree:[295]


Around the House[Bearbeiten]



Images I've taken[Bearbeiten]