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Dülmen, Dülmener Sommer, Open-Air-Konzert -- 2018 -- 9701-3.jpg
Illumination of the Wiesmann exhibition hall (Wiesmann gecko) for the final concert of the Dülmener Sommer 2018, the since 1989 first as Dülmener Sommertheater offered street theater.
Dülmen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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Wikipedia is a very interessant tool of liberty and knowledge's exchange. To be active instead of consummer, to can take and give without money. What's more glorious for humans! Thanks to the inventors... I participate in this utopic project since the 11th February 2007.

I'm call Adrian. I'm in passion about nature (particulary european botany, entomology and beekeeping). I live in the central montains of France where the life is pretty (but where we don't speak english very well !!!!)

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