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Ethnicities of the World[edit]

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European race[edit]

Afrikaner Cluster[edit]

Anglo Cluster[edit]

Baltic Cluster[edit]

Canarian Cluster[edit]

Celtic Cluster[edit]

Criollo Cluster[edit]

East Slavic Cluster[edit]

Falklander Cluster[edit]

Gallo Cluster[edit]

Germanic Cluster[edit]

Hellenic Cluster[edit]

Iberian Cluster[edit]

Illyrian Cluster[edit]

Italic Cluster[edit]

Luso-Brazilian Cluster[edit]

Maltese Cluster[edit]

Mormon Cluster[edit]

Rhaetian Cluster[edit]

Sardinian Cluster[edit]

Scandinavian Cluster[edit]

South Slavic Cluster[edit]

Vasconic Cluster[edit]

Vlach Cluster[edit]

West Slavic Cluster[edit]

White Hispano-Caribbean Cluster[edit]

Eurasian Cluster[edit]

Bulgaric Cluster[edit]

Finnic Cluster[edit]

Gagauz Cluster[edit]

Hazaragic Cluster[edit]

Hungaric Cluster[edit]

Kipchak Cluster[edit]

Manchu Cluster[edit]

Mongolic Cluster[edit]

Permian Cluster[edit]

Sami Cluster[edit]

Samoyedic Cluster[edit]

Siberian Turkic Cluster[edit]

Tungusic Cluster[edit]

Turanid Cluster[edit]

Turkic Cluster[edit]

Tuvan Cluster[edit]

Volgaic Cluster[edit]

Yakut Cluster[edit]

Yugran Cluster[edit]

Middle Eastern race[edit]

Arabid Cluster[edit]

Armenian Cluster[edit]

Ashkenazi Cluster[edit]

Berber Cluster[edit]

Caspian Cluster[edit]

Caucasian Cluster[edit]

Druze Cluster[edit]

East Iranic Cluster[edit]

Egyptian Cluster[edit]

European Arab Cluster[edit]

Israeli Cluster[edit]

Kartvelian Cluster[edit]

Kouloughli Cluster[edit]

Levantine Cluster[edit]

Maghrebi Cluster[edit]

Maronite Cluster[edit]

Mauritanian Cluster[edit]

Melkite Cluster[edit]

Mizrahi Cluster[edit]

Ossetic Cluster[edit]

Parsi Cluster[edit]

Persian Cluster[edit]

Sephardic Cluster[edit]

Siwi Cluster[edit]

Sudanese Cluster[edit]

Syriac Cluster[edit]

Tuareg Cluster[edit]

West Iranic Cluster[edit]

African race[edit]

Afro-American Cluster[edit]

Afro-Brazilian Cluster[edit]

Afro-Caribbean Cluster[edit]

Afro-Hispanic Cluster[edit]

Afro-Mascarene Cluster[edit]

Banda Cluster[edit]

Bantu Cluster[edit]

Beja Cluster[edit]

Beta Israel Cluster[edit]

Chadic Cluster[edit]

Cushitic Cluster[edit]

East Nigritic Cluster[edit]

Gullah Cluster[edit]

Habesha Cluster[edit]

Hadze Cluster[edit]

Khoi Cluster[edit]

Krio Cluster[edit]

Lemba Cluster[edit]

Maasai Cluster[edit]

Maroon Cluster[edit]

Nilotic Cluster[edit]

Nubian Cluster[edit]

Omotic Cluster[edit]

Pygmy Cluster[edit]

San Cluster[edit]

Sandawe Cluster[edit]

Sudanic Cluster[edit]

Swahili Cluster[edit]

West Nigritic Cluster[edit]

Zanj Cluster[edit]

Indian race[edit]

Adivasi Cluster[edit]

Brahui Cluster[edit]

Burusho Cluster[edit]

Dardic Cluster[edit]

Domari Cluster[edit]

Dravidian Cluster[edit]

East Indo-Aryan Cluster[edit]

Gujarati Cluster[edit]

Hindustani Cluster[edit]

Indo-African Cluster[edit]

Indo-Caribbean Cluster[edit]

Indo-Oceanian Cluster[edit]

Kholosi Cluster[edit]

Maldivian Cluster[edit]

Marathi Cluster[edit]

Munda Cluster[edit]

Nepali Cluster[edit]

Northwest Indo-Aryan Cluster[edit]

Nuristani Cluster[edit]

Romani Cluster[edit]

Sinhalese Cluster[edit]

South Arabian Cluster[edit]

Vedda Cluster[edit]

Asian race[edit]

Ainu Cluster[edit]

Burmic Cluster[edit]

Hmong-Mien Cluster[edit]

Hui Cluster[edit]

Japonic Cluster[edit]

Khasi Cluster[edit]

Mon-Khmer Cluster[edit]

North Sinitic Cluster[edit]

Overseas Chinese Cluster[edit]

Paleo-Siberian Cluster[edit]

South Sinitic Cluster[edit]

Tai-Kadai Cluster[edit]

Tibetic Cluster[edit]

Vietic Cluster[edit]

Oceanian race[edit]

Andamanese Custer[edit]

Aslian Cluster[edit]

Australian Cluster[edit]

Formosan Cluster[edit]

Malayan Cluster[edit]

Melanesian Cluster[edit]

Micronesian Cluster[edit]

Moluccan Cluster[edit]

Negrito Cluster[edit]

Nusantaran Cluster[edit]

Papuan Cluster[edit]

Philippine Cluster[edit]

Polynesian Cluster[edit]

Amerindian race[edit]

Andean Cluster[edit]

Arctic Cluster[edit]

Aridoamerican Cluster[edit]

Atlantic Cluster[edit]

Cascadian Cluster[edit]

Central Amerindian Cluster[edit]

Chacoan Cluster[edit]

Fuegic Cluster[edit]

Mesoamerican Cluster[edit]

Oasisamerican Cluster[edit]

Patagonic Cluster[edit]

Plains Indian Cluster[edit]


Mixed race[edit]

African Creole Cluster[edit]

American Creole Cluster[edit]

Anglo-Métis Cluster[edit]

Asian Creole Cluster[edit]

Castizo Cluster[edit]

Caribbean Creole Cluster[edit]

Dougla Cluster[edit]

Danish Mestizo Cluster[edit]

European Creole Cluster[edit]

Hāfu Cluster[edit]

Hapa Cluster[edit]

Indian Creole Cluster[edit]

Malagasy Clusters[edit]

Melungeon Cluster[edit]

Mestiço Cluster[edit]

Mestizo Cluster[edit]

Métis Cluster[edit]

Middle Eastern Creole Cluster[edit]

Montubio Cluster[edit]

Moorish Cluster[edit]

Mulatto Cluster[edit]

Oceanian Creole Cluster[edit]

Papiamento Cluster[edit]

Pardo Cluster[edit]

Quadroon Cluster[edit]

Zambo Cluster[edit]


Nationalities of the World[edit]




North America[edit]


South America[edit]