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Hello and welcome to Accuruss

For Attribution of these photos when you use them and in your derivative works, please reference

Upon close inspection you will find small errors .. if you want me to adjust them to suit your end use please contact me through the website at for a quotation.

My photographic adventure began in High school over 20 years ago, where i spent 2 years working with the school Annual at KSS during the years of 1990 and 1991 in Kelowna, BC Canada after that i furthered my photographic experience in the Fine Arts Department at Okanagan College, learning to work with the darkroom equipment and the basic SLR camera the fully manual 35 mm Canon F1 almost entirely black and white using the equipment we had available at the time. After Leaving OUC, without finishing my Fine Arts Diploma. On the next leg of this journey i found myself learning digital arts in Burnaby at a small PPSEC School called ICA.

This was before the school turned into CDIS, During the 9 semesters, i stayed enrolled there (up until 1995) we covered subjects like Video Production , editing, animation and was getting acquainted with tools of the trade and the language that comes with it. Over the years i pursued photography using a small hand held digital Canon a70 exhibiting my work on and This small camera worked great for early web gallery stuff but was not very good for print quality works. I enjoyed using the A70 in nightclubs and city streets alike until recent years when i made the jump to the Canon EOS Rebel T2i and jumped up to the 18 mega pixel level of image making.

I've chosen to upload my works to wikimedia in high resolution as a form of self promotion and good will with images that have been stitched together creating works in excess of 140 mega pixels. most of my subject matter is landscape oriented and would be suitable in promoting tourism and real estate.

This is the photo archive of the recent works of Russ Dionne aka aka

There are over 220 high resolution images in this gallery!

Psychedelic Art[edit]


Winter in Kelowna[edit]