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This page is a reference page on Concert and Festival Photography for Achim Raschka who works as a volunteer in the German Wikipedia. In 2013 I was the organizer of a photographers' project in the German Wikipedia called Festivalsommer 2013 with the focus on Festival Photography in Germany and other countries.

I am not a professional photographer and even in the Concert area I am just at the beginning. All my work is done as a volunteer for the wikipedia and wikimedia commons to add free pictures to our articles on artists, bands and events.If you have any questions please contact me at [1]

The following gallerys will show a part of the results of my activities in concert photography in the last years. They are sorted by time order and will be added peu á peu ...



E-tropolis 2013
Paaspop 2013
Groezrock 2013
Rock am Ring 2013

(partly taken by User:Lyzzy)

Internationaler ADAC Truck Grand Prix Country Festival

Amphi Festival
Wacken Open Air

only some pics (mainly covered by Jonas

Kein Bock auf Nazis Festival
Turock Open Air 2013

together with User:Krd

Pirates 2013


e-tropolis 2014

together with others

Paaspop 2014

(partly taken by User:Lyzzy)

Others 2014