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Interesting ancient monuments in Sweden added to WLM 2011[edit]

A collection of interesting photos of interesting ancient monuments in Sweden added to Wiki Loves Monuments 2011. These photos are selected from an archaeological point of view, so in these comments it's the archaeologist speaking. One may note that this archaeologist doesn't find kings, castles, gold, and huge memorial monuments to be particulary interesting. That type of upper-class-archaeology belongs to another century, even if the Minister for Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth still subscribe to that type of dated ideas. Sadly the majority of the pictures of ancient monuments in Sweden are taken by me, Achird, so I place them in their own gallery below.

35 photos by others[edit]

70 photos by me, Achird[edit]

The Winner[edit]

Skeppssättningar vid Anundshög, Västmanland by Achird.
Bilden jag själv inte trodde på men som ändå vann första pris.

Interesting ancient monuments in Denmark added to WLM 2011[edit]

Interesting ancient monuments in Norway added to WLM 2011[edit]