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Napoleonic Heraldry[edit]

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File:Wapenplutonica.jpg Uploader is Peter Dirix, one of the founders, and designer of the shield. Uploader was creator and founder
File:Folklore Schild.jpg See file page OTRS
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File:UnifacGBlauw.png Uploader is Tom Wauters, webmaster at that time. Claims PD-Text license. PD-Text
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Arvore010.svgArvore frutada.svgArvore006.svgArvore003.svg
SVG coat of arms elements - books.svgSVG coat of arms elements - books 00.svgSVG coat of arms elements - books 01.svgSVG coat of arms elements - books 03.svgSVG coat of arms elements - books 02.svgTenee Dragon.svgGreen Dragon.svgLaŭrokrono.svg
Lamp Gregory Bittman.svgCock Aiguefonde (Tarn).svgCock Allèves.svgCock Berzhahn.svgCock Brno-Kohoutovice.svgCock Cerdà.svgCock Dormans (Marne).svgCock Dupré Romain.svgCock Paudex.svgCock Guarda.svgCock Haan.svgCock Ottenbach.svgArtland dragon.svgArvore004.svgArvore002.svgArvore001.svgArvore000.svgArvore005.svgArvore008.svgArvore009.svgArvore012.svgArvore013.svgOil lamps in heraldry3.svgOil lamps in heraldry4.svg

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Holy roman Empire[edit]

Collaborations with Heralder[edit]

Coats of arms of France[edit]

Princes of the Blood[edit]

Capetian bastards[edit]

Bourbon dynasty banners of arms (for a French wiki navigation tab)[edit]

Napoleonic Era[edit]


Coats of arms of Russia[edit]

Derivatives from PD-Old

General pattern[edit]

Specific members of the imperial family[edit]

Morganatic members of the imperial family[edit]

Coats of arms of Italy[edit]

All in order. Derivatives from PD-Old files.

Coats of arms of the Netherlands[edit]

Other stuff[edit]

Coats of arms of Luxembourg[edit]

These are certainly in order. All very conservative derivatives of Sodacan.

Arms of the Grand-Dukes[edit]