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Awesome Dude, High School Student, Runner
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About me

Hello, I'm AeroAddict, aka WorldTraveller101, but you can call me whatever you want to if you prefer to. I'm an administrator and bureaucrat on the TheTestWiki and TestWiki Orain. I am an autopatroller on Meta, Wikidata, and Commons, and am also a file mover at Commons The Wikimedia projects I am active in include English, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, and occasionally Meta, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Simple English Wikipedias.

If you need assistance with something, please don't hesitate to post a query on my talk page. I will commonly respond within 24 hours of the query being posted, albeit I may not respond as timely if otherwise indicated.

My work

  • Patrolling new pages
  • Categorization
  • File moving
  • Reverting vandalism
  • Participating in anyway possible
  • Creating items
  • Improving random items in any possible way
  • Translating pages from English

Contact me

If you have any comments that you may wish to be responded to in a private environment, feel free to email me by clicking here.