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About me


I work in the field of market research and business development in emerging markets. 20 years record international experience in cross industry lines, multichannel distribution, start-up, growth organizations, global key players and non-profit associations. New market identification and effective realization of innovations. Cross cultural mentor and coach; combination of modern business habits with sophisticated characteristics of emerging markets.



I enjoy publishing parts of my research work on Wikipedia. I work as Benutzer:Africanway at the German Wiki and as User:Africca at the English Wikipedia.

• 20 years market studies and project development experience in Africa • Socio Economic Development Cooperation Projects • e-commerce • New Media • Crowdfunding • Microfinance • Social Impact Investment • Social Entrepreneurship • Global Economic Partnership Projects • Global Strategic Alliances • Innovative Product Development • Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Experience • Fundamental Field Research • Deep Cultural Knowledge

My Pictures


Articles I've started

Artikel Themenbereich Entstehungsdatum Contributor/User Name
Fetischmarkt Akodésséwa Voodoo, Togo, Lomé, Ethnography, Religion 25. September 2016 Africanway
Eremitage Schwaz Jazz, Culture, Tyrol 24. August 2014 Africanway
Museum der Völker Ethnography, Museum, Eduction 17. August 2014 Africanway, Africca
Afrikanische Waxprints Textiles, Fashion, Africa, Culture, Tradition, Ethnography 1. September 2013 Africanway
African Lace Textiles, Fashion, Africa, Culture, Tradition, Ethnography 1. September 2013 Africanway
Didier Ahadsi Künstler, Togo, Afrika, Lomé 7. Juni 2018 Africanway, Africca
Daniel Swarovski II Person, Tyrol, Economy, Business 1. September 2013 Africanway
Philipp Sarlay Person, Culture, Tirol 24. August 2013 Africanway, Africca

Articles I've completely revised

Article Topic Published
Gert Chesi Journalist, Voodoo, Togo, Ethnography, Person 24. August 2014 Africanway, Africca

Articles I've expanded