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Glechoma hederacea 02.JPG My name is Aleksandrs Balodis. Previously in WikiProject as Sanja565658, now account is changed because here is more new options as it wosn`t before. In Wiki.Commons I have a Patroller status and uploaded a lot of images (Old qaulity and New quality), and 14 of them is QI. Most of these pictures were made by such kind of photo cameras: Sony Cams (DSC-w30 - from 2006 due 2010, and DSC-w690 - from 2012 till) Kodak (EasyShare cx7330 - in 2007), Canon (EOS 600D - from 2012 till) and Sony α7R Mark III (with Metaboles EF - E mount connector) - since 2018. Gallery of the collection of crown corks. Tolmerus atricapillus 01.JPG


== Familia: lat/rus/deu/eng/lv ==
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