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Benoît Prieur
B.Prieur à Kalyvès (Crète) en juillet 2021.jpg
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What I'm doing here[edit]

  • All my work here is under CC0 license.
  • To date, 39,791 personal photographs are uploaded (including 487 quality images). Also uploaded 209 videos and 170 sounds (plus 3,510 sounds made with Lingua Libre).
  • 727 personal images taken or made in 2023 (including 14 quality images).
  • From April 2019 to April 2020, I hosted a radio program about digital culture, broadcasted on a local radio station in Lyon (Radio Pluriel). Numbers 18 to 37 are here (Wikimedia Commons).
  • I use PyCommonist to upload my images, sounds and videos.
  • My Youtube channel where I put some videos before uploading them to Wikimedia Commons (drone videos for example).

Useful stuff[edit]


  • {{inscription|CREDO Ici le 10 Juin 1944 a été assassinée par les Allemands Anne-Marie PASSERAT de La CHAPELLE, âgée de 17 ans, Passant si tu crois, prie pour elle. Si tu ne crois pas, recueille-toi |side=recto|language=fr|medium=engraving}}
  • {{On OSMHydrant|type=node|OSM_ID=6224578266}}
  • {{On OSM|type=way|OSM_ID=1097583859}}
  • {{World photos}}


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