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This user comes from Nepal.
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Some license usage for helping Nepali users:

  • Use PD-Nepal for photographs created in Nepal before 1979 AD.
  • For photographs created before 1923 AD, use PD-old-1923 instead of PD-Nepal.
  • For paintings, you require painter's name to upload the paintings created in Nepal before 1954 AD with PD-Nepal else same 1923 AD.
  • From Flickr, only images that were published as CC-by 2.0, CC-by-SA 2.0, CC0 and PD, are allowed. Some other license may be allowed. Ask admin.
  • From others, images published as CC-by-SA 4.0, CC-by-SA 3.0, CC-by-SA 2.5, CC-by 4.0, CC-by 3.0, CC-by 2.5, CC0 and PD are allowed. For other licenses, ask admin.
  • No modern buildings of Nepal are allowed to upload. FOP#Nepal
  • Can use PD-signature for signature of notable persons.

For some free image websites, read: & &