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Cscr-featured.svg Featured pictures[edit]

Stalin, Lenin and Kalinin. Photo from the VIII Congress of the Russian Communist Party, March 1919.
(Uploaded by WikedKentaur, retouched and nominated by AlMare. Featured on 29 May 2006)
The Venetian Lagoon, created by NASA's imaging system ASTER on board of satellite Terra.
(Cropped, uploaded and nominated by AlMare.Featured on 22 December 2006)
Jean-Francois Lyotard.
(Created by Bracha L. Ettinger at [1], nominated by Richardfabi, retouched by AlMare. Featured on 20 August 2007 on german wikipedia)
Temple of Concordia in Agrigento (Sicily, Italy).
(Created and nominated by Matthias Süßen, retouched by AlMare. Featured on 18 August 2008 on german wikipedia)
Birnbaum am Lerchenberg near Wasserlosen in Germany.
(Created and nominated by Rainer Lippert, retouched by AlMare. Featured on 30 August 2008 on german wikipedia)
The Temple of the Olympian Zeus in Athens.
(Created by Chrisfl, nominated by εuρhø, retouched by AlMare. Featured on 2 September 2008 on german wikipedia)